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They want to play the victim card everywhere. They use every opportunity for their filthy causes. when I saw this tweet I really felt disgusted. How low can these people go? A MUSLIM PREGNANT WOMAN? REALLY ?? That's a multiplied victim card. Please don’t laugh… It’s a serious issue. Under this quota you can do whatever the heck you want in the country. She linked Safoora to a pregnant Elephant who was killed by "monsters like humans". and I am very sure that she also knows the culprits who got arrested are from the same community.

According to Arfa Khanum -La ila ha illallah is not communal. which means - THERE IS NO GOD, BUT ONLY ALLAH. - is not communal. But “Bharath Matha ki jai” is communal.ironically We heard the same slogan during the Delhi riots And during the riots in US as well. Who are the ones responsible for this trend? I don't know! Maybe Arfa Khanum can explain. If you people are thinking , why are we coming back to Delhi riots And CAA again and again. Because it never got over.People are trying to create Shaheen bagh 2.0. Yes it is happening. 

These Leftists groups continue to hijack even the genuine movements and make a mess of it, subsiding the actual interest of the movement and the reason it started in the first place. These people will suppress the genuine cause because their interest does not lie in it. These people are not interested in either MUSLIMS or BLACKS or WHITES or BROWNS or any life for that matter.They just want to find the loopholes and break the nation. You get what I’m saying. Don’t think they are fighting for Muslim rights or benifits for christians. These forces are just ANTI-NATIONALS in whichever country they are living.Otherwise how can the same things happen in America? 

Here they create Hindu vs Muslim

There they create Black vs White. But basically a riot. So don’t be fooled as if these people are fighting for the lives of minorities. There is no minority who is in danger. It is the whole nation in danger. Identify the goons. Anyway who are the people who fund these movements? Is there any common funding source of these agitations and protests? Is the Delhi riot and US riots connected ? We leave it to your intelligence to decide and analyse based on the information we provided.