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What is ANTIFA?

ANTIFA is a form of Unorganised Naxalism which feels the use of violence as a means to protect vulnerable sections from alleged Fascism. A similar group took over the Anti-CAA movement. THE TUKDE TUKDE GANG &THE PSEUDO LIBERALS. When ANTIFA hijacked the protest ,things went out of proportion and became unreasonable. There is no justification on what turn it took. How “burgling the stores” will yield justice to GEORGE FLOYD? Similarly in India this is what happened. How is "AZADI from Hindus", "bharat tere tukde honge" and "hinduon ki qabar khudai" related to CAA? Are they really concerned about CAA?

ANTIFA is not the supporters of black people. In fact they have more whites than blacks.They are not concerned about George Floyd's death. Their intention is to create chaos in the Nation, they want to create Unrest. I am not saying this. There are many black people talking about it. Blacks are actually protecting the stores and opposing the destruction. But who are the one's fueling these things? 

Who is encouraging these people to vandalise?

There are UrbanNaxals, ANTIFA sympahtisers in the media houses too. Chaos creating agents in the media are encouraging and justifying the riots. Not only small portals are tweeting to take the path of violence. Even CNN, which is famous for spreading fake news, asked protestors to be violent. And you know what, inspired by the US riots and their US media counterparts, propaganda portals like quint and wire want the same kind of violence to happen in India. They are not satisfied with what happened during Delhi riots. Their thirst for blood is not quenched by the death of 53 people. And their eyes want to see the burning of public properties. These termites want it to happen again and again.

Propaganda portals like Quint and The Wire want Muslims to come on the street and burn the country. They did the same during the anti-CAA protest. This swine living in Sweden stated that violence is fine for social justice. Urban Naxals use the same tone, even ANTIFA uses the same tone. These Liberals started writing articles to incite people.
There are some prominent leftists and islamists names in India like Rana Ayyub, Saba Naqvi, Aakar Patel and Arfa Khanum Sherwani. They are vouching for protests like this in India. They are tweeting continuously and inciting muslims to come on the streets.

Some of them are actually upset why such wide-spread destruction and burgling is not 

happening in India? Are these people really concerned about the rights of people? During the Anti-CAA protest, Ravish Kumar also said similar things. Even sold out people like Sharjeel Imam said the same thing during Trump's visit. These people are planning to break the Nation, these people conspired to take innocent lives. Look at this woman(arfa khanum) who would love to take advantage of every situation. She did not even leave the incident of an Elephant's death. They want to compare this too.

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