For all those who are celebrating the withdrawal of farm bills, I congratulate your successful accomplishment of the job that your pay-master and the monster soros gave you my dear fellow Indians.I hope you guys remember our previous videos about greta’s toolkit, Rihana, Meena Harris and Soros nexus.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the star of this drama Rakesh Tikait the special guests Rihanna, Meena Harris and most importantly the child actor who leaked the toolkit that is the great greta Of course the manchild and his mom. mother Even though the movie got leaked before release, the producer is not at loss. He succeeded in achieving his target that is: the Indian farmers poked their eyes with their own fingers. And yes Modi Ji should be apologizing for letting that happen.All the nationalists and the entire right wing should be ashamed of not putting enough efforts to curb this anti-india propaganda by these goons and for letting our future generations down, just because a gang of blood sucking leeches don’t want this bharatha Bhoomi to become self-sustaining and regain it’s sanathana glory. But wait, is this the first time this happened ? No.

Everytime there is something good happening to india and indians, there will always be a gang of hyenas that steps into the scene, create chaos, disturbs the peace of the people, get their attention, foul cry and play victim card, use their propaganda mechanism to convince that they are fighting against some invisible injustice, asks people to walk with them and when people join them, they are walked to the edge of a mountain cliff and boom the sheep will shake hands with death This isn’t the first time that India is dragged down from advancing if we go into history, to the times of freedom struggle there was another GRETA THUNBURG whose image was carefully constructed by the british, so carefully that even today we speak of him as a saint, which he wasn’t. YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT. He is none other than MR M.K.GANDHI. If we study the letters in the collected works of Mahatma Gandhi we can understand how easily the british manipulated the situations in their favour, dragged Indians back from freedom fight and fooled them every single time they were close to throwing the garbage british rule out of India.

GANDHI, the GRETA of 20th century  who was always desperate to be accepted, validated and admired by the whites as their equal, came into the rescue of British rule every time they needed. In Gandhi’s own words

“I wish that every Englishman will see this appeal and give thoughtful attention to it. Let me introduce myself to you. In my humble opinion, no Indian has cooperated with the British Government more than I have for an unbroken period of twenty-nine years of public life in the face of circumstances that might well have turned any other man into a rebel. I ask you to believe me when I tell you that my co-operation was not based on the fear of the punishments provided by your laws or any other selfish motives. It was free and voluntary cooperation based on the belief that the sum total of the activity of the British Government was for the benefit of India. I put my life in peril four times for the sake of the Empire—at the time of the Boer war when I was in charge of the Ambulance corps whose work was mentioned in General Buller's dispatches, at the time of the Zulu revolt in Natal when I was in charge of a similar corps, at the time of the commencement of the late War when I raised an Ambulance corps and as a result of strenuous training had a severe attack of pleurisy, and lastly, in fulfillment of my promise to Lord Chelmsford at the War Conference in Delhi, I threw myself in such an active recruiting campaign in Kaira District involving long and trying marches, that I had an attack of dysentery, which proved almost fatal.‘’

Do you know how many Indians died in world war 1, about 75 thousand Indians officially. Our beloved Gandhi is responsible for that. Even the British like C.F Andrews whom Gandhi lovingly called Christ’s Faithful Apostle was surprised at Gandhi's ww1 soldier recruitment campaign and opposed him. Gandhi’s personal assistant Mahadev desai in his book day to day with Gandhi wrote “The question of the consistency between his creed of ahimsa and his recruiting campaign was raised not only then but has been discussed ever since’’  let me tell you, what Gandhi’s ahimsa basically means…it means Indians should not harm the British to get rid of their oppression, but Indians should harm themselves and the enemies of their oppressors, so that our oppressors can comfortably loot us In the last century the British and Gandhi lured peasants and farmers of India into world war 1 by promising swaraj, instead they passed rowlatt act as a bonus and reduced the basic freedom of Indians in their own land .Today farmers and farmer protests are being used as a guise for carrying out khalistani and other anti-india agendas .

When the Rowlatt Act is passed the other freedom fighters are calling Indians for action.Gandhi then to Save his place in congress called for nationwide protests and boom jallianwala bagh happened. Gandhi didn’t condemn the British but asked the Indians to protest peacefully. Indians in response raged with nationalism and were about to kick the British out of India. Do you know what Gandhi's immediate response was ? He fired on Indians for not loving the hateful British enough! What a great friend the british had got

Once again the greta of 20th century came to the rescue of his masters and fasted for 3 days to stop Indians from rioting and harming the needed 25 more years for indians to get independence. Have you ever wondered why the British never physically hurt Gandhi?

I wonder too do you know that Lala Lajapathi Rai died in 1928 due to the injuries caused by a lathi charge while he is peacefully protesting against the simon commission now do u still wonder why such things never happened to Gandhi alone Did you know it cost the congress a lot of money to maintain Gandhi ’s image of simplicity ? Once Sarojini naidu said ‘’ it costs the nation a lot to keep Gandhiji in poverty Listen to what osho says about Gandhi's poverty Do you see the similarities of Gandhi’s expensive protests and the long paid fake protests happening in India these days

Hindoos when will you learn? These goons are funding a protest against an injustice that doesn’t even exist maybe it's time that u should stop donating in the hundis for a while and start funding a protest to free temples in india

By the way Gandhi’s favours to the British didn’t stop there…he helped the anti-india forces by continuously obstructing Subash Chandra Bose and the likes of him even at the end he helped the British by stopping Sardar Patel from becoming the PM. He helped Nehru become the PM. Nehru further let the blood sucking leeches carry on looting India with his confused policies If not for the other good people in the congress Nehru would had devastated india in the first decade of its independence.

Today Nehru’s descendents and their Italian [monster] mother are doing the job that Nehru left incomplete..while the Rihannas, Gretas, Tikaits are doing the job that Gandhi did for the oppressors of India in the past . These gretas and gandhis with the propaganda mechanism of anti-india forces will manipulate the innocents into becoming ignorants and will lead them into the deep cliffs of poverty and backwardness. In Sadhguru’s words “Protests were devices in the British time, when they wanted to stop everything as a result causing huge loss to the British Government. But today that is not required. Today, protesting means creating hurdles in the progress of the nation.

It seems, the fake farmers who are protesting at Singhu Border for the repulsion of the farm bills are disappointed at the withdrawal of the bills….may be they are scared of losing the luxurious lifestyle they are enjoying at the sites of protest Even after the govt announced total repulsion of farm bills Mr.Rakesh tikait says he wants the farmers to continue the protests isn’t it obvious that his motives are different from what he and the paid media is projecting.

Mr.Tikait go search for a new job.I am sure ur masters will come up with new plans…until then take a break and pack up. The sudden repulsion of the laws is a blow to The khalistani infiltrators of the protests….their plans are ruined because of the announcement of withdrawing farm bills. It is very clear that the farmer’s protests were serving a completely different purpose than what it was made to seem like. There are reports of murders, rapes and other illegal activities that were being run in the disguise of the farmer’s protest and most importantly, Pakistan bred Khalistan was finding a way to become stronger through the farmer’s protest. Rajaneethi exhibited by Modiji foiled Pakistan’s plan, kicked out Khalistanis, Soros dogs and very brilliantly he even nullified the propaganda that Congress had for their next election campaign.

Wait and watch, you will see there’s another propaganda ready by Congress to create hurdles in the world’s most brilliant governance smoothly handling the world’s largest democracy and steering the world’s most complex political arena!

Jat Sikh Sangh’s President Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh welcomed Modi Ji’s decision to roll back the farm bills and said there were outfits in the protest that were sidelining the sikh spirit. “Under the garb of these three laws, efforts were being made to create communal divisions by mischievous elements. Some organisations have tried to strengthen their political base using this movement. They tried to weaken Sikh sentiments. They disliked the Sikh symbols appearing in the agitation,” he said. The roll back of farm laws was a gift from Modi Ji to Sikh Community on the Guru Nanak’s Parkash Purb.

Those who are wishing for the reversal of article 370 and CAA bill you are wishing for ur own destruction those who are running propaganda for that you are selling your motherland for the puny life style u r desiring to build with the bheek given by soros and co Today I am giving a call for the youth of the nation. get rid of the Gandhis and Nehru's from ur minds…it's time for us to be the Bhagat Singhs, Netaji, Shivaji Maharaj and Alluri sitarama raju's of this century. The lion always takes a step back before it leaps 4 steps forward. Don't think that modi will step back again. There is a big reason for modi’s decision on farm laws.

Right now, the nation doesn't have time for any internal conflicts, it is not the time to entertain the drama and nor let these luxurious fake protests extend. We need all our farmers in their farms while all our soldiers test their arms. There is a war coming.