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Fake conspiracies cannot shake the iron-willed Indian business group - Adani Group

With the formation of the latest event, rather say, another step into a well planned conspiracy towards Indian Businesses, Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon Corp. has stooped down to the next level of hypocrisy. It would make sense to blame the decision makers instead of the said bank, but let's not forget that these decision makers are the ones who represent the brand. So, their personal decisions influenced by propaganda experts (activists) being reflected as the professional screw-up for the brand is only going to hurt the brand value on a longer run.

BNY Mellon Corp. announced to withdraw from the legacy transactions with Adani Group, which is know as Bravus Mining & Resources in Australia sighting the reason of their ESG principles (Environmental, social and corporate governance), does this mean that BNY Mellon Corp were inebriated when they first decided to invest into the said projects? And how did they attain this spiritual realization all of a sudden regarding only this project related to Adani Group? Definitely something seems suspicious here. It is indeed very clear that if Bravus Mining & Resources is targeted to shut down its operations in Australia, some other mining company will take over it and you're smart enough to dig for the information in the public domain that the influence behind it coming from George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

There's already an allegation on Hillary for the Russian Scandal for the deal of Uranium One and it's not so difficult for her to run a campaign against any

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