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Afghanistan Drugs caught at Mundra Adani Port, India


On the 16th of September, nearly 3000 kg of heroin originating from Afghanistan was seized from the Mundra Port in Gujarat by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and Custom Officials. The seized heroin was exported by a Kandahar-based Hassan Hussain Limited and imported by Vijayawada-based Aashi Trading Company via Bandar Abbas Port. This is how it traveled all the way from Iran to Gujarat’s Mundra Port.

The worth of this consignment was estimated to be around 21,000 crores, as the international market value of the heroin is 5-7 crores per kilogram. In fact, it is said to be the single largest seizure of heroin in India till now and the biggest across the globe in recent years. Now for those of you who don’t know what DRI is, let me quote this from their official website 

“The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence is the apex anti-smuggling agency of India, working under the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. It is tasked with detecting and curbing smuggling of contraband, including drug trafficking and illicit international trade in wildlife and environmentally sensitive items, as well as combating commercial frauds related to international trade and evasion of Customs duty.”

So DRI clearly is an organization working under the Government of India and this act of DRI has stopped a large quantity of heroin from being sold and consumed illegally in our nation, and so a normal person will conclude that this is a commendable feat by the DRI and the Government of India.

But unfortunately, Congress lacks the essential entity called Common Sense. Here’s the major issue with them, the operator of the Mundra Port is the Adani Group and the port is in Gujarat. The Congress Party took these points and constructed a whole conspiracy theory around it targeting BJP and the Adani Group. A press conference addressed by Pawan Khera was held by Congress, in which the party alleged conspiracy behind this drug bust.


Had the authorities not been efficient, this seizure of heroin would not have happened. And here is Congress, maliciously spinning the issue and targeting the Government, DRI and the Adani Group. What was the role of Adanis in it? Nothing.

The Adani Group released a media statement clarifying their position in the whole drug bust.

The statement clearly mentions “The law empowers the Government of India’s competent authorities such as the Customs and the DRI to open, examine and seize an unlawful cargo. No port operator across the country can examine a container. Their role is limited to running the port.”

And they are sincerely hoping that this will end the motivated, malicious and false propaganda being run on social media against them. So clearly, the Adanis being the only operator of the port had no role whatsoever in any illegal movement of drugs. There are many ports in the name of Rajiv Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. If we found any drug exchange in these ports Shall we capture Rahul Gandhi? Will pappu bear the responsibility of this?  The DRI has arrested seven people, including four Afghan nationals in this connection.

Taliban’s major source of revenue is its illegal narcotics business, which accounts for around 60% of its total revenue. When Taliban recently took over Afghanistan, their spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid on August 18 told the media that their government was committed to stopping the production of narcotics in their country.

And within a month, we seized 3 tonnes of drugs originating from Afghanistan. This exposes the shallowness of Taliban’s claims and a proof for the liberals of our nation that their dear Taliban has not changed a bit. The narcotics trade has been used for decades to fund terrorist activities across the globe and drug consignments have been seized regularly, at the Punjab and Jammu borders which are sent from Pakistan to fund terrorist organisations. 

DRI also arrested an Indian couple who allegedly ran the firm Aashi Trading Company -Govindaraju Durga Purna Vaishali and her husband, Machavaram Sudhakar, which imported the consignment claiming it to be of semi-processed talc stones. DRI is conducting further investigation and we hope it continues to knock down such narco-terrorist activities.

As for Congress, it has lost all its sanity and has stooped so low, that it is now relying on conspiracy theories to remain in mainstream media. It is not the first time that Congress has attacked the Adani Group and Gujarat state. When the Adani Group took over the management control of Mumbai International Airport Ltd from the GVK group, these people flooded the social media with anti-Adani/Ambani propaganda as if such transitions are abnormal. 

Congress here is playing a dirty political game, by defaming the same authorities that busted this smuggling operation. We hope they will gain some common sense and a sense of morality so that they act maturely and honestly in future. I know, it is impossible to expect this from Congress but never mind. Wen things are like this, what do you do with the idiots who run social media campaigns against Adani?

Hansraj Meena, the founder of Tribal Army is one such idiot. I checked his followers. Most of them are fake accounts with zero followers. One of them liked his own dp. I don’t think they know anything about twitter. He himself would have created few accounts, just to retweet his own tweet. Anyways, please like and share the video because wrong information is falling into millions of people’s eyes. Let’s take it message to as many people as we can. If there is no questioning voice, every idiot will govern us. 

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  1. It doesn't matter how hard they try to defame any state or bussiness. Truth is people are coming out of old congress mindset where they used to put socialism and secularism on people forcefully through education and many more things. Even if congress do well i dont think upcoming well informed and well aware young generation will fall into their trap.


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