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How to avoid Shaheen Bagh 2.0 - Part 1

This is not Somalia or any middle eastern country. This is the world leader USA.They protest over the death of a black man. Floyd cuffed and unarmed, was pinned to the ground by Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin, who is white, using his knee. His knee was on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, according to a New York Time's reconstruction. Anyone with compassion and humanity will feel sad for what happened with Floyd and Condemn the police's brutality. There was an outrage over social media throughout the world. Here in India too the netizens have expressed their dissent over this. But there are some over-enthusiastic people who have started comparing these two incidents.

Normally we would have said, In every country situations are different and conflicts are different. But, Now that these people have started comparing. Let's add some more comparisons. During US violence we have seen a Pakistani girl throwing Molotov cocktails at the police van urooj. And in Delhi Radicals threw molotov cocktails from Tahir Hussain's House and targeted a specific community.Which in turn provoked responses from the other side as well. Seems like there is a company which supplies riot material and educates them step by step how to do it. Look at the similarity. 

How can they be exactly the same?

In US public property being burned down to ashes In Delhi the same thing happened. In the US People from the mob are shooting police officers. Police got attacked. In Delhi Mohammad Shahrukh Read Part 2 Read Part 3

pointed a gun at Delhi policeman Deepak Dahiya. Police officers are getting killed in the US And Head constable Ratan Lal was shot dead in Delhi riots. Both of these started as peaceful protests until the Third party groups hijacked these protests with their propaganda and ill intentions. 

Now it has become a DISRUPTIVE MOVEMENT. In the US it was overtaken by a violent group called ANTIFA, while in Delhi it was TUKDE TUKDE GANG. Antifa is an unstructured, decentralised, leaderless group of far-left anti-fascist activists. The movement's name is a shortened version of the term “anti-fascist.” Antifascists also want to stop any alleged fascist movement before it can grow, even if the target appears small and inconsequential, but ANTIFA is distinctly different from other leftists groups. For them violence is the only means. This is the exact approach of NAXALS too. And since they are living under the covers in cities and are around us within our society. We can call them as URBAN NAXALS.

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  1. there was news , "BENGALURU—A Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader of Kerala, Alakode Biju (40), was injured when a crude bomb that he was making at his house exploded accidentally on January 29.The incident happened in Alakode town of Kannur district, Kerala. " and same thing also happened last year.
    I want to know for whom the were making bombs , is to destroy pakistan or china or to distrupt the protest.


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