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CAA Delhi riots, February 2020 - Part 3

Fake media, misleading people and turning them against the government. I've given the names of some 50 influencers who are against the BJP.

String exposes anti-caa protests and riots of Delhi, Shaheenbagh where they don't know even about NPR and NRC work by Modi government.

How do you understand the necessity of a network? 

So we have started a platform known as String. This is just a thread that connects you and me. Because right now there is no thread. We are all scattered. So this is the thread through which I connect with you and when you pass it on to the other, they get connected. And the network establishes itself amongst us. This is all about being in a network. This is not an office. You need not physically come and work. You can be at your own place and we just need 5 to 10min of your time. This is not a public service or non-profit organization. This is not a company at all. This is just about being in a network. Because right now we are all scattered. There is no String which connects all of us. So wherever you are, just be in support at times of danger.

Can’t you make decisions? 

Can’t you report the fake news, can’t you bring clarity to people? You want only String or somebody else to do everything? A hell lot of idiots are speaking rubbish in front of the camera. Can’t you come out and say some positive things? It’s time to wake up, there is an army of paid activists spreading fake news and misleading people. We need groups and groups of people to report their profiles and block their accounts. Idiots shouldn't speak. Idiots should only listen and learn. It is the intelligent who must speak. Come, let's all join and be in support. Together we are strong. Scattered we are weak.

What is the strength of this String?

How strong are we or are we going to be? I told you String is just a thread that connects you and me and through you obviously it connects to all your friends. So the thread goes on connecting people. This thread doesn’t have a physical existence. But it's going to stand the test of time. And hence nobody can destroy it. If they want to destroy it, they must touch it. How can you touch the non-physical? They cannot even touch it. That's how strong String is.

What do we do at String?

String never fights for or against any religion. It fights only against the insanity of a human being. Look beyond the identities, it's just a human being in the end, acting stupid or wise. Stupid will get a thrash. Wise will get a garland. Whether you are a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian, it doesn't matter. Welcome to String! We have a dedicated team of people working on scripts, which will eventually translate into videos that would bring about some positive changes on societal level. Let's do our part in defending the religious calamity. Please check the google form given in the description below for more information.

Jai Hind!

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