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CAA Delhi riots, February 2020 - Part 1

Reminding you of the Delhi riots, February 2020, ever since the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed by Parliament, the opposition parties have been protesting. There are evidences on videos in which people are caught going bonkers when questioning them about what CAA is. 

String exposes anti-caa protests and riots of Delhi, Shaheenbagh where they don't know even about NPR and NRC work by Modi government.

Protesting for what? 

Even they don't know. It's for sure they are not protesting against CAA, but they are protesting against Narendra Modi, against BJP and against Amit Shah. Why? Because they were sure that the Narendra Modi government was going to go one after another bill just like they did with article 370, Ram Janmabhoomi case and Triple Talaq. Even though their hearts are burning with hatred to protest against it, the brilliance of the supreme court advocates didn’t give them any chance to protest at that time. So, now when Modi wants to implement CAA, they couldn’t wait anymore. They started the protest against CAA even though they know it doesn’t impact the Indian Muslims. 

We have seen a lot of Muslims caught up in the camera, when they were questioned “how does it impact Indian Muslims?”, they don’t know. They immediately jumped to the NRC (National Registration of Citizens). And when we ask them about NRC, they jump into NPR (National Population Register). We have seen how baseless they were in their reasons for the protest. Today in a public meeting in Bangalore, Waris Pathan said that “We 15 crore Muslims are going to come after hundred crores of you”. Now who is that you? You better wake up to it now. These goons, when I say goons, I don’t mean Muslims because there have been many instances where Muslims joined in support with Hindus and Sikhs. Muslims offered shelter and protection to The priest of shiva temple in Mustafabad, when the rioters attacked the Shiva temple. The Delhi Sikhs opened Gurudwara for riot victims including Muslims and offered free food and shelter. The Dalit communities of Seelampur blocked the roads leading to Muslim localities to prevent the rioters from reaching them. The Hindus and Sikhs came together in the Ramesh Park Area and offered protection to Muslim locals. Similarly, in Maujpur, Bajrang dal, the Hindus kept the Muslims hidden inside the temple and kept them safe to prevent the rioters from killing them. I respect these Muslims brothers and sisters. They are awesome. 

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