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CAA Delhi riots, February 2020 - Part 2

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Let's listen to this: We always respect these kinds of people. So when I say goons, I mean these opposition parties backed by religious groups, paid & financed by the enemies from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Because they know for sure that if Modi sarkar goes the way it is going then they have no future left. Lives of Rahul Gandhi, Assassudhin Owaisi, Kanniah Kumar, Kunal Kamra, and many business leaders and corporates will have no future left. So they protest. Even though everything is going absolutely fine in the nation, they protest.

Protest against what? 

They call it a democratic protest. This is basically a frustration that Modi Sarkar has been able to get away with bills in parliament. Frustrated that, their religious conversions are not happening. Their brainwashing programs are at risk. Zakir Naik is kicked out of the country. And for the first time after these many decades of “Goons ruled India” is in safe hands again. That’s why the protest. But what they don’t realize is that the Modi Sarkar is a different kind of Power. It is not Manmohan Singh. It’s way beyond their understanding of politics. Their first attempt in Shaheen Bagh is an utter failure. They were seriously threatened by the strength of the Modi government. But they won't realize this. They will come up with another attempt. May be more dangerous than Shaheen Bhag. Because they know If Modi Sarkar wants to do something they will do it, they just don't bother which dog is barking in the street.

My dear brother and sisters and friends, it’s time that we realise that the traitors amongst us are destroying the nation. But Modi is a different kind of legend. This is not a man who can be bought for money unlike other party leaders. Hope you are all aware of the comments from the presidents of other nations on Modi. This is a dangerous Man. They have realized it. But when are we gonna realize and come in support to make India the VishwaGuru which it already was before the invasions happened. Now the invaders are back, in different forms and formats. Do you think things are gonna be okay if you don’t come out and fight? If you think that it doesn’t concern you and it's a battle that Modi should fight or somebody else should fight, then these goons will be at your doorstep soon. They will be attacking you, drag you on to streets and chop your body into pieces like they did for Ankit Sharma. That’s exactly what Waris Pathan said in his speech. So, it’s better you get up and do something.

What is the best to do? 

Let me tell you this very important thing: I demand your utmost attention to this: Suppose if there is an attack, the weak will get beaten up first. Who are the weak? Those who don’t have a community of support are the weak. Correct? Example: If a Muslim gets beaten up somewhere he silently withdraws to home and writes a mail to the head office of his community in Delhi. They have a huge network. These people send the information to local areas and immediately 100 people come in support. Even though they are a minority, look at the strength. But If you get beaten up, how many people will come and support you? Your friend, your mom, your dad, hardly 2, 3 people. We are all scattered. There is no String which connects people. And that's how people like Waris Pathan are so daringly challenging in public that 15 crore Muslims are gonna come after 100 crores of you. Well he might succeed if we are not connected. If there is no String that connects each one of us, they might succeed. As if this is not enough, we have internal traitors.

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