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Congress & It's Global Nexus To Ruin India

 The issue of RGF is not just about Manomohan Singh and his money laundering deeds. 

There is a much larger picture to it. It reveals the modus operandi of how the quid pro co works. The sinister web of RGF & their partner in crime are revealed.

In our previous videos we have shown you how Harsh Mander is working for George Soros and held important posts during Manmohan Singh's 10 year tenure.Also, how Democratic party led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama got huge fundings from Soros I even said that there must be some link between the US democratic party and the Indian national Congress other than Soros.

Sreedhar Potarazu is the big name here in this connection.

 On checking the FCRA report of Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT), which is a sister company of the notorious Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) I found out that Potarazu donated 11 lakhs 68 thousand rupees to RGCT in 2014. Interestingly, he is an ardent supporter of Obama. He has been appointed to the Democratic party's 2016 National Convention's Credentials committee. Now he is sentenced to a 10 year prison for a 49 million dollars fraud. According to the “left mouthpiece” - NDTV, The same man is a major fund raiser for the democratic party and its leaders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Not only this, Clinton Health Access Initiative(CHAI)  Which is owned by the democrat Clinton family and is the technical partner of the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable  Trust(RGCT). They are working together in Raebareli and Amethi districts. When we are talking about frauds, how can we miss our Indian frauds? Biggest of them being Vijay Mallya.He looted our money and ran out of the country.Congress Nominated this fraud to Rajya Sabha. And was given a loan during the time their government was in power.

The annual report for the years 2013-15 of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation says that Naviraj Estate Private Limited is a donor of RGF. When we looked for the company details, we found out that Mehul Choksi is one of its directors.  The same Mehul Choksi along with Nirav Modi were the prime accused of the 2 billion dollars Punjab national bank scam and they fled from INDIA when the government ordered the authorities to catch them. 

Interestingly,The clown prince of congress alleged that Mehul Choksi deposited money in Arun Jaitley's daughter's account. He didn't even provide any document to back his words. See, what is he giving ? just an account number. I can give Junior Gandhi’s account number if he wants. Good that their property is getting confiscated now, Mallya was about to be extradited, unfortunately it’s getting delayed by the British high commission for reasons unknown.

Surprisingly all these people were given loans during Congress's regime. But the congress is blaming the NDA govt for this. And there are some people who are falling for this congress trap and blaming the NDA government. Recently it was revealed that RGF has received funds from Zakir Naik. He was kicked out of the country and he is resurfacing here and there online justifying himself, seeking sympathy, etc. etc, but the world knows what kind of person he is. If you don’t know, please visit SadhguruAnd channel to understand how cheap Zakir Naik and his logic is.

He is so disgusting. I do not want to talk about this individual. Let’s speak to renowned supreme court lawyer, activist and motivational speaker MONIKA ARORA ji on this Zakir naik donating funds to RGF is the most shocking part of the whole RGF scam Zakir naik is the same man who has been banned from speaking in Britain, Canada and Bangladesh for his hard-line religious views. Zakir Naik is the same man who is banned in an islamic country, Malaysia, for radicalizing muslims. Zakir Naik is the same man under investigation by the National Investigative Agency (NIA) over charges of inciting terror in India and there is a pending extradition request against him. He is also wanted by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with money-laundering charges. Not only this, there is clear evidence of how Zakir naik is also an orchestrator for Delhi riots.

Khalid saifi is the key accused in Delhi riots,(correcting yourself) I would call it a planned hindu massacre. Khalid Saifi's passport now reveals his visits to malaysia to meet zakir naik for funding for delhi riots. How come all these frauds and terrorists have such good links with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation also known as RGF?  

Sister has asked a very good question. Insha Allah you will get something really good when you go to heaven. But the question is first you have to enter heaven. According to chapter number 6, verse number 132, funding a fraud is not haram. Even if you catch somebody as a fraud, you should not beat him in the face. Beating is prohibited according to islam, there should be no mark left on his/ her body. Ultimatum, last warning, beat him lightly.

That’s very true Monika ji. Off late there is so much fuss about NGOs, How did these organizations with that claim to have noble intentions found themselves amidst such alarming controversies? Sister This is the same reason why BJP govt. started cancelling Licenses of NGOs from the moment they came to power. What we have discussed so far is the tip of the iceberg, So are so many shady angles to the activities of these NGOs.

Their activity include brainwashing people to create divisions in society

Money laundering, even becoming traitors and planning the attacks of the Nation that they live-in, CAA is one such example. I am sure Team String will reveal the true face of such NGOs like RGF and the people who are associated with them. When we have gone back to Soros, One organisation comes to my mind which is HRLN (Human Rights Law Network ) In 2007-08 annual report of RGF, they were also amongst the donors. There is also an organisation by the name socio legal information centre. This organisation is the parent organisation of HRLN.  HRLN is fighting cases for Rohingya muslims living in India, which they have mentioned on their website. You can read here that they helped Rohingyas to get out of prison, who entered our country illegally. How can these Rohingyas manage to pay the heavy fees of such big lawyers? Most of these lawyers are supreme court lawyers. To know this, Let's open the Foregin funding sheet of SLIC for 2016. SLIC had received  donations from Geroge Soros' open society institute, which must have been utilised by HRLN.

On the other hand, when I visited the open Society foundation’s official website, I found out about this article. Where it is stated that 10 million dollars were given to help rohingyas. If you do not know much about Rohingyas, I’ll tell you in short SLIC also received donations from Miseror and Bread for the world.HRLN also receives support from various evangelical and church-based organizations. For example, some of its partners and supporters include EED (Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst), Christian Aid, Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action, Dan Church Aid, etc. along with several European government agencies.  These are christian missionaries which carry out the conversion business.  

Interestingly, if you look carefully, you can see that they got funded from the PFI as well.

The same organisation which is involved in many terrorist activities. 

And the last in the list is the Lawyer's collective. This organisation has a very familiar name associated with it. The name is Indira Jaising. Yes, the same Indira Jaising who received 4 lakhs from PFI. The same woman who is directly on the doc of George Soros' Lawyer association. She works directly for him just like Manmohan Singh's daughter. The same woman who came out to support Teesta Setalvad every time. Do you remember Teesta Setalvad?  She is the one who tried to frame Modi in 2002 Gujarat riots. Just like HRLN she also works to defend ILLEGAL bangladeshis and Rohingya muslims.She is the one who along with Harsh Mander were seen during Anti-CAA protests in Delhi, which later turned into riots.

When I went through the annual report of RGF, The first thing I found out was that Aman Biradari was the work partner of RGF in the year 2018-19. Aman Biradari Trust was founded by Harsh Mander. Aman Biradari is also a member of an organisation by the name “NAMATI” . Interestingly, George Soros is on the board of advisory council for Namati. As we all know Harsh Mander works for George Soros. His Trust is also mentioned on the open society foundation’s page. We should focus on one important point , that Harsh Mander has been awarded with the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award.

When I visited the Wiki page of this award. I found out that Harsh Mander and Teesta Setalvad were jointly honoured with this award. We have seen Harsh Mander advocating for Teesta Setalvad in the past. And now we know the reason why Interestingly, The co-founder of HRLN Colin Gonsalves came to defend Harsh Mander in the Delhi riot related case. When the pandemic started, we all had seen the Labourers from UP and bihar walking back to their native place, who were left stranded by the Delhi Govt. When HRLN can fight cases for Rohingyas free of cost, why not for the Bihari labourers and against the Delhi govt ?  You can also find several interviews of Colin Gonsalves which were taken by Teesta Setalvad on her husband Javed Anand’s website. HRLN is the parent body of Indian People's Tribunal (IPT). If you visit their Wiki page,You will notice that they are against Hindus and the ideology of hinduism.You will also come across the name Angana Chatterji.  She co-edition a book in 2019, which has the title - "Majoritarian State: How Hindu Nationalism is Changing India".

Haven't you heard about this word "Majoritarian State" before?

Yes, we have heard this same word from "The wire".  We have heard the same word from the mouth of Raghuram Rajan. And we have also heard this same word from the mouth of foul mouthed Dhruv Rathee. These kinds of people usually come up with FARRAGO of stupidity and propaganda. Few years back they came up with the word INTOLERANCE, and now MAJORITARIANISM.  They usually wrap the old candy with a new wrapper and give it to people, and they get fooled. This is what the dynasty rule did to us.. We were fooled again and again by the congress, and now by their paid people.

Before ending this video, I would like to show you 2 screen recordings which we did on 2 different days. One was on July 7th july and one is recent one. You can see one name is missing. The missing name is Sanjiv Goenka. Why is his name not on the trustee list now? And why did they take this step only after RGF is getting exposed? A lot of questions are still unanswered….

I know that I have taken some big names in this video.This might instigate them to file multiple cases on me.I am not afraid of it, all i want is your support. If you people feel that this information has to come out in public and i should bring these kind of videos regularly, then you can support my work through Patreon and other mediums.The link is in the description.Please give a thumbs up for the video and share it as much as possible. How is this a major threat for this nation? What's the deal if we give shelter to these homeless people? If these ideas are hovering in your head, let me elaborate. They are indirectly asking You and Me to pay for their shelter and other settlement needs, Why should we pay for someone who dont give a shit about this nation,already as a nation we are burdened with million problems, around 300 Million people don't have a proper meal in this country can they not address this?  This will be a new addition by these crooks. We have seen many videos where these people are openly threatening Indians and where their affinity lies.(Many Vids & Cases of Bengal etc) once they get the verdict in their favor, this will be used as a standard template again & again  to rope in more refugees from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar, This cycle will perpetuate and we will be trapped with one more problem from which we cannot recover. This is how throughout history tremendous amounts of money and other means are invested to make this country remain poor. Recent Delhi riots & Anti CAA Protests should be strong reminders for what will be the future if we entertain such Please.

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  1. Namaskaram sir, I salute your whole team for this big, specific and indepht research against this terrorist and revealing a huge campaign against our Bharat. May Bhagwan Shri Krishna give you more strength and blessings to fight against this Kauravas. Jay Hind. Jay Shri Krishna.


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