There are only a few days left for the year 2222 to begin and we have lost the leader of the Indian Army, are you still thinking that, That the people who died in the plane crash were not my parents or my siblings, so what about me? Do you know what is meant by CDS? CDS in the Indian Army means "Chief of Defense Staff" means the head of the Department of Military Affairs in simple words CDS is the person who The Army is headed by General Bipin Laxman Singh Rawat, our first Chief of Defense Staff, he was a man who not only defended against external threats But also talked openly about internal threats. When everyone talks of Pakistan and China as two big threats to India

is doing, then Bipin Rawat ji said, "India is ready to fight a second war"... Half are internal traitors working for external enemies He had warned about proxy war in India as early as 1717. He called Kashmir terrorist insurgency a proxy war “Is proxy wars fought in a dirty way” Only when the opponent is in front of you and the fight is face to face are the rules of war It's a dirty war...and that's what we need new thinking...and it has to be fought with a new approach" by anti-India forces

This also came true in the protest movement of funded fake farmers… Desperate to break India, Pakistani beggars and traitors inside Together they launched a massive online campaign. Recently, Tikait has said that he wants to bring a new perspective to the farmers and to use social media. set for: tax But in the guise of this, they are actually recruiting social media goons to badhaane their propaganda. If I say "Black Lives"

matter" if something like this is going to happen again don't be surprised and this cyber propaganda is still going on, this internal traitor, and Pakistani Beggars are celebrating the tragic plane crash together, if Bipin Rawatji is no more, he would not have been surprised if he saw all this I can't even think he was in the IAF Mi 175 V5 helicopter, which crashed near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu while the Mi-17 was called the world's largest helicopter. Considered to be the most versatile and advanced military transport helicopter, there have been some accidents involving Mi-17 helicopters in the past as well. Indian Defense In December 2008, the ministry had awarded a contract for eighty helicopters to Russian Helicopters worth one decimal three billion dollars.

Deliveries to the Air Force began in 2011, and as of early 2013, thirty-six helicopters have been delivered. Agreement between the Indian Ministry of Defense and Rosen-Boron-Export for 71 Mi-17 V5 helicopters during 2012 and 2013 The new order was signed in 2008 was part of the contract, 13 people lost their lives, this accident was reported on social media. We have a body problem, which needs to be dealt with quickly, the culture of our country has never insulted us. Not taught to do, especially on someone's death, but, let's take a look at those people who are celebrating the death of CDS Bipin Rawat ji It is one thing to celebrate, but social media pages display it, what is this dikhaata? What do they want to tell us? O Modi, see what we uproot Who are the people who are saying this? But here in the string we have a teesri eye which is cheapened by Zoot's peach I can see are we not telling you the truth of this Zubair for the last one year? He doesn't care about you laughing at this accident To give Is asking to do, by saying that they are Pakistani… chalo maan liya, then why are they living in India and what are they doing here? whatever this Making fun of the accident, why are they from the same community? If a Pakistani rejoices over the loss of India, then this is understandable.

It is because they have always considered Indians as their enemy but why are the Islamic of India rejoicing over the loss of India? because it There are "traitors", who are living in our country on the free resources given by the state and central government, and madrassa main made keys. Gaya Ghadri, here works part time puncture making and full time Pakistani and if he has his order to stay in our country, So they have the option of settling in the country, hi let's see some examples where non-Hindu community is ridiculed. 

They laughed at the Uri incident

He laughed at Pulwama incident

They laughed at Manohar Parrikar's death

They laughed at the killing of sadhus in Palghar

They laughed at Rinku Sharma's murder

He laughed at India losing a cricket match to Pakistan

They are still laughing at Bipin Rawatji's helicopter accident

Don't wait for the day when these peacekeepers laughed at your corpse, the main things that we should remember are against external enemies and internal traitors. What is the difference between If a war starts between India and Pakistan, then these traitors who are laughing at the death of Bipin Rawatji, with whom will they support? This is exactly what Bipin Rawatji said when he said, "India is ready to fight its kind of war", but toda y I am really shocked. That's whether we are ready for this inner me because for the past year we have been on the string.