It is no surprise that the words like "the pressure must be kept on" clearly indicates that the pressure is BEING CREATED for no good reason in the Adani group. The self-proclaimed activists with no real knowledge or experience of the subject they claim to protest about have been creating a lot of noise and senseless posts with no real evidence to support their claims.  

Sensational and outrageous are two words that come to mind when I look at these fake campaigns that are being run and the plethora of fake information being circulated over the pseudo news media. 

Let's look at a few misleading and hypocritical statements that these campaigners use

Every company associated with Adani faces serious reputational risk

Investors and brands are scared of their reputation because it will directly impact their business and shares, but let's just ponder upon a thought, whatif these fake campaigns didn't exist? In that case, these investors would be the first ones to get their hands wet in the Adani project. Investors and banks care about money, if they cared for global warming or coral reefs, they wouldn't set up their large infrastructures nor invest in them. 

Reputation drives money

It is not that these investors disagree with Adani Group's work, but they are more scared about their own image and reputation, which will directly impact their market value. Today, fake campaigns can easily drive a business into a limbo and nothingness and just by withdrawing their support from a particular project, if it saves the investors from millions or billions of rupees, it's a smart move for them, but they have been indirectly forced to make an unethical move.

Saving coral reef propaganda

These activists must educate themselves properly. First they must leave their desk, come back to reality from their imaginations and step out into the real world and figure out solutions to dumping of Industrial waste, plastic and other nuclear reactor waste into the oceans that are larger threats to the coral reefs and ocean life rather than creating a false narrative of ships passing on the surface of the water somehow magically harming the coral reef at the bottom of the ocean. 

Most Australians do not support this disastrous coal mine

Most Australians aren't even aware of these projects and don't care. They are being fed lies and only a handful of those who have been manipulated are creating ruckus. Like the old saying goes “Empty vessels make more noise”, we know how much these wrongly motivated protestors are informed or educated.

Adani Group is a reason for global warming

Another common lie being spread is that out of thousands of coal mines across the world, it is only the Adani’s Carmichael Coal mine that threatens all our lives and livelihoods by creating global warming. Anyone with a little common sense would immediately raise a question, why haven’t we stopped using fossil fuel powered vehicles that constitutes majorly to the carbon release into the atmosphere which is one of the main factors of global warming, why haven’t we stopped cutting down forests to make place for real estate and not care about global warming?

Most controversial project - The Carmichael coal mine

The Carmichael coal mine HAS become one of the most controversial projects in the world. FLABBERGASTINGLY WRONG! It has been MADE into one of the most controversial projects by those who want to control these mines to get richer. Political entities and other businesses that have high hopes that they can kick out Adani Group and step in to carry on the same project.